Compressor Consumables

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  Your One-Stop Shop for all your Compressor Needs!

We have a huge range of all the filters, oils and seals that you need to keep you compressor system producing pure clean air, and all at very competitive prices!

Here's a list of our most commonly purchased items, but if you don't see what you need give us a call or email and we will be able to help.

Please note that we can supply many makes and models of filter cartridges that are not listed, at very competitive prices. We also supply o rings, back-up rings, felt discs, air intake filters, compressor parts and complete compressor units, new and reconditioned.  All prices are exclusive of VAT and subject to change without notice. 

Lawrence Factor Filter Cartridges to fit Hamworthy
X196214 PAS6 Standard Fits: Y38947 £30.80
X192414 PAS6 CO Fits: Y39390 £34.65
X29622 PAS9 Standard Fits: Y26455 £31.54
X29222 PAS9 AC Fits: Y27000 £31.54
X29242 PAS9 CO Fits: Y26450 £40.22
X13624 PAS18 Standard Fits: Y30299 £52.52
X13244 PAS18 CO Fits: Y30304 £62.55
Lawrence Factor Filter Cartridges to fit Mako/ Compair Reavell
X65240 PC1801 Fits: PS2029/2 £43.65
X65677 PD1503 Fits: PS2028 £46.50
X65247 PD1803 Fits: PS2029/1 £64.08
X894151 50L CO Fits: 98261-1528 £44.28
X88410 50 CO Fits: 98261-1527 £30.83
Lawrence Factor Filter Cartridges to fit UWI/ Divex
X22629 P21 Triplex Fits: 59679 £22.84
X22621 P41 Fits: 62565 £47.59
X22511 P41 Securus Fits: 61686 £77.73
X22627 P61 Fits: 58826 £66.34
X22517 P61 Securus Fits: 60036 £99.65
Filter Media Loose
Activated Carbon 2.5 litre container £15.25
Activated Carbon 5 litre container £27.44
Molecular Seive 2.5 litre container £21.25
Molecular Seive 5 litre container £38.40
Anderol 555 synthetic 5 litre container £69.06
Anderol 755 synthetic 5 litre container £83.66