Aquatron History

Tom with class in 19...What!!!In the summer of 1969 a part-time operation was started in Troon by 2 established members of the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club, Tom Young and Ron Peggie.  Having been diving for several years they both knew that equipment service and repair was a problem in Scotland.  There were 2 shops selling kit but neither felt it was worthwhile to provide a servicing facility.  Thus Aquatron was born.

The workshop was set up in Troon working on Thursday night and Saturday, and over the next few months the business grew rapidly.  It quickly became obvious that to be viable they would need to do more than repair equipment only.  So within a very short time the retail part of the business was started and a full time shop was opened in Glasgow to provide a complete range of services to the diving community, including suit manufacture and equipment service.The Boat we used to operate

As the level of skill and expertise grew so did Aquatron’s reputation as a service centre and within a short time the business expanded into commercial diving, wet and dry suit manufacture, compressor maintenance, breathing apparatus fields and the manufacture of diver installed equipment for the oil industry.  Development has been steady over the first 30 years and it would not be an exaggeration to claim that Aquatron has the most comprehensive range of service facilities and expertise of any dive centre in the UK.

Aquatron Compressor Installation


Always at the forefront, Aquatron was the first diver facility in Scotland to provide cylinder testing, regulator servicing, full cylinder refurbish (including flame sprayed zinc coating), and compressor sales and service.  We were the first PADI dive centre in Glasgow, the first to achieve 5 star IDC (Instructor Development Centre) status, and the first dive centre in Scotland to provide an online shop.  Furthermore Aquatron was the first business in Europe to set up an air quality test laboratory using, state of the art, FTIR technology.


In 2004, with the continued expansion of the business and with new shareholders joining the company it became necessary to split the company into the Dive Centre and Breathing Air Systems – the engineering and laboratory functions of the firm.  

Today, Aquatron's approach to technical excellence and customer satisfaction places Aquatron Breathing Air Systems at the very cutting edge of compressed breathing air production and testing.