Air Purity Analysis

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Does your present air analysis program comply with the latest standard - BS EN12021:1999?
If not, then let AQUATRON be your partner in meeting full compliance with this stringent standard.

Air Purity Criteria EN12021
(in brief)
Oxygen 20-22%
CO <15ml/m3
CO2 <500ml/m3
Oil Mist <0.5mg/m3
Odour/Taste None
Contaminants None*
Liquid Water None
Water Vapour <35mg/m3**
* No concentration > 1/10 of assigned occupational exposure limit
** For air above 200 bar

Meeting the Standard
Astonishingly enough, a great deal air purity analysis is still carried out using stain tubes – 1940s technology!
Whilst this is better than nothing there are many disadvantages; not least the poor accuracy.
However, the biggest failing of the stain tube method is the estimation of potential COSHH contaminants as listed in EH40. Whilst effectively being ignored by the stain tube method, this is a clear cut legal requirement with additional legal implications with regards to an employers “Duty of Care” as defined by the Health and Safety at Work acts.
At AQUATRON we have developed the method to deal with this requirement in full using FTIR spectroscopy. This is the most effective system for BA analysis currently available, as recognised by the MoD. Our APA program will ensure full compliance with the new standard (and COSHH!), conveniently and more importantly cost effectively.